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Local children experience Squash and Real Tennis

The Foundation is currently offering outreach to young people within the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough.

The Queen’s Club has very kindly opened their Squash and Real Tennis courts at quiet times in the morning to two of our most local Primary Schools. Each week 12 children, aged between 10 – 12 years accompanied by their PE teachers from Normand Croft Community School and Sir John Lillie Primary School eagerly look forward to coming to the Club to play Sport. We held a successful pilot during the Autumn Term with the children playing Squash and we are delighted to have added the option of Real Tennis this Spring, which is proving to be extremely popular. The Foundation is very grateful to The Queen’s Club and the Dedanists Foundation who have sponsored the court fees for Squash and Real Tennis respectively for the project.

For all of the children, this is their first experience of playing these sports and judging from the excitement, enthusiasm, and enjoyment clearly evident from the beginning to the end of each session, this is without doubt proving to be a positive experience for all involved. In addition, these sessions equip the children with life skills, instil confidence and provide greater focus to their school work.

The Queen’s Club Foundation would like to extend special thanks to Alison Quinlan, Queen’s Club Sports Administrator, who has coordinated these sessions with the schools and Andrew, Bryn and Yawar who are fantastic on court and are a true inspiration to these young lives. We jointly look forward to seeing the sessions develop.

The children love the programme and it is so pleasing to see not only their enjoyment in learning the games but also  helping them to improve with their skills. They are gaining lots of confidence which is transmitting to so many different areas of their school day, and as been noticed by lots of other members of staff. Both Yawar and Bryn are fantastic at engaging the students and making it a fun experience. Being able to use the facilities at Queen’s Club to teach our students is proving to be a valuable experience for the pupils.
Matt Treweeke, PE Co-ordinator, Sir John Lillie Primary School