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BBC Kit out the Nation

The Queen’s Club Foundation, in partnership with The Queen’s Club and Business2Schools, is excited to be supporting the BBC Campaign “Kit out the Nation” which was launched today across the country. The aim of the campaign is to collect unwanted sports equipment or kit and distribute it to local schools for the benefit of children and young people.

In a recent report, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee published data from Sport England which showed 100,000 fewer children met the recommended level of activity in 2020 than in 2019 and it was “of significant concern”.

One issue is around access to sport and exercise because of the affordability of kit, and the situation has been compounded by the pandemic.

Therefore from Monday 4th September Queen’s Club members will be donating their old or unused sports equipment for children in local schools to benefit from. QCF and QC will be collecting and coordinating the distribution of sports equipment which will then be donated to schools across London.

The Foundation’s mission is to widen participation in sport amongst people of all ages. We are delighted to therefore be working with The Queen’s Club on this venture as the Kit out the Nation campaign will make such a huge difference to participation rates amongst young people across the country.

QCF and QC were delighted to kick off the campaign by donating 20 tennis rackets to Tymberwood Academy in Gravesend ahead of of the start of the new academic year. The Headteacher from the school commented; “It means a chance that they wouldn’t have had previously that they now have.”

For the latest on the campaign be sure to listen to your local BBC radio station. Also make sure to follow the #KitOutTheNation and @Bus2Sch on Twitter.