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Choice International Online Wheelchair Tennis Sessions

The winter lockdown was an extremely difficult time for many, and one of the many challenges was finding a way to stay active. The Queen’s Club Foundation were extremely proud therefore to be supporting Choice International in delivering online wheelchair tennis. The sessions were specifically designed to enable to people to be able to take part in small spaces, meaning nobody was excluded. At a time when people were feeling vulnerable and isolated the sessions provided disabled people with mental and physical stimulation. Lawrence Blomfield, a regular participant, praised the sessions for allowing people to stay connected with friends.

QCF’s support allowed Choice to run 10 weekly sessions that stretched from November 2020 through to January 2021. This included a brilliant Christmas party which our QCF manager Jessica Oldham attended and took part in.

The sessions were led by the highly regarded Mark Bullock and Stuart Wilkinson, both of whom have a high level of experience of delivering disability tennis. A big thank you must go to the excellent coaches who consistently created a challenging and enjoyable atmosphere. However, Mark also praised the effect the sessions have had on the coaches as well: “they provided me with focus during a challenging time; allowing me to develop new skills and the potential to reach new audiences.”

The final online session in January marked the completion of QCF’s support of Choice International throughout 2020. In addition to the online sessions the Foundation funded weekly sessions at the Lee Valley Tennis Centre in London during September, and at the same venue we supported Choice’s Day Camp in August which at the time represented one of the first opportunities for players to play on court once again.

The Foundation is very proud of what we have achieved in partnership with Choice International, and we wish Choice the best for their return to the courts once again in 2021.