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Coaching Day with Judy Murray

Tuesday 26th September 2017

It was exciting to see so much buzz around the Junior Club early in the morning, with the arrival of 28 tennis coaches from Hammersmith and Fulham who had been invited by The Queen’s Club Foundation to attend our inspiring coaching day with Judy Murray and her ‘Tennis on the Road’ partner Kris Soutar.

Judy and Kris have formed such a formidable partnership in taking their ‘Tennis on the Road’ around Scotland, and kindly offered their time for the benefit of the tennis community in Hammersmith and Fulham.

We were very pleased to welcome coaches from all over the borough who are delivering tennis in the local community including; QPR, Playground Tennis, Primary School Teachers, Shooting Starz, Bishops Park, Westway and London Sports Trust. The aim of the day was to provide the coaches with the confidence and coaching skills to widen participation and make tennis fun.

Judy’s focus was on very basic skills of hand eye coordination without using any rackets or balls. She utilizes balloons, bean bags and hoops, which easy for anyone to get hold of. She works in very small spaces, demonstrating that tennis can be taught in a playground or garden and a tennis court is not required.

Once the coaches had been trained by Judy and Kris, it was then their turn to put these activities into practice. 30 children from Year 4, from St. Stephen’s Primary School, Shepherds Bush, turned up very excited to see Andy Murray’s mum! They had a fabulous hour on court starting with basis ball skills, fun games including mini races with the coaches. Let’s hope many of these children will go home inspired to continue practicing these skills.

The afternoon session was focused on Judy coaching a group of parents and children, and to encourage parents to inspire their children to pick up their rackets at home and continue their enthusiasm.

The day drew to a close with an opportunity for Members to hear Judy speak in The President’s Room. The Foundation would like to thank Judy and Kris for sharing their coaching knowledge in Hammersmith and Fulham.