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Day 350 of James’ Running Challenge

After 350 days of running 5km every day I am now only 15 days away from completing my year long challenge. This year I have run in the cold and the heat, the wind and the rain, and even in the snow. I have wrestled with the commuters of London, tackled the hills of the Brecon Beacons, and conquered the desert city of Abu Dhabi. I have braved the darkness of a 4:30am run to catch a flight, and survived the exhaustion of running in the midday heat. I have spent over 160 hours running, and scaled over 12,000m in elevation passing the height of Mount Everest way back at the 8,850m mark. By the time I finish I will have run the total distance of London to Rome, and hope to have reached my fundraising target of £3,000.

Running has given me a great opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of being active. The positive impact that the running has had on my body both physically and mentally has been significant. The Queen’s Club Foundation wants to help young people be active through racket sports, and therefore those people who benefit from QCF funded activities will have the opportunity to experience a similar positive impact on their own life.

My goal for 2021 was to never stop moving. With the end in sight, I am now looking forward to January 1 2022 when I can finally have a rest, even if only for a day.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated, and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best wishes,

QCF Assistant