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Inaugural Rackets Mixed Open Doubles Tournament

The Queen’s Club Foundation have provided a grant to support the court and marking fees at the Inaugural Rackets Mixed Open Doubles Tournament, which took place at The Queen’s Club on Saturday 6th April. The aim of the event was to get all the people who have recently left school and haven’t been playing Rackets back into the game and motivate them to start playing more regularly. This format of event for Rackets has not been held before on this scale and was a brilliant day for male and female players to play together. The event was organised successfully by Lea Van Der Zwalmen, so thank you to her for coordinating it.

The atmosphere in the gallery was truly amazing while Rackets was being played all day in the best spirit. The players were blessed with a significant number of spectators who were all quick to admit how impressed they were with the standard of play.

Our QCF Trustee, Tina Smith watched from the gallery and commented: “What a thrilling exhibition of the sport it was! Well organised and everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun. The standard that I saw was impressively high from both the men and women playing mixed doubles in this exciting, fast paced game”.

Congratulations are in order to India Deakin & Felix Clarke (from Cheltenham College; both QC Members) for becoming the first ever Rackets British Mixed Open Doubles Champions, defeating Ella Gaskell & Graeme Tyndall (from Haileybury College) in a very entertaining Final!

Lea looks forward to growing this event into one of the biggest and most popular tournaments in the Rackets calendar. The Queen’s Club Foundation is proud to support the event from its inception.