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Headway Tennis Grant

The Queen’s Club Foundation is pleased to announce we have given a grant to the charity Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire for their walking tennis project for people with acquired brain injuries (ABI).

“The Walking Tennis sessions were directly requested by adults who have sustained a brain injury. Pilot sessions have shown that the benefits of this activity cannot be underestimated- not only in terms of physical abilities such as redeveloping muscle strength and co-ordination but also the impact they have had on self esteem, reducing loneliness, and improving mental wellbeing. It is so great to see attendees laughing and enjoying themselves and there is great camaraderie.” Sarah Allen, Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire

The impact of an ABI is often both sudden and devastating, and the effects can be physical, emotional, and cognitive. It can shatter families and leave survivors in desperate need of practical support. As an often ‘unseen’ and misdiagnosed condition, that frequently presents challenging behaviour and social difficulties, survivors of ABIs and their families are often isolated and socially excluded. Walking tennis is a slower version of the game and is designed for exercising in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. To play the game participants use smaller courts, nets, rackets and lower bouncing balls.

The Walking Tennis sessions form part of a menu of regular activities on offer to support individuals who have sustained acquired brain injuries, and their families. The combination of low impact physical activity and the social nature of the Walking Tennis sessions have made them very popular with great feedback from the participants.