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Our History

Why was The Foundation set up?

The Queen’s Club Members are extremely privileged to enjoy the outstanding facilities at the Club. That is why they initiated, set up and supported the Queen’s Club Foundation. Everyone at Queen’s is aware that there are not only people striving to be the best at their chosen racquet sport, but also that there are those who do not have the opportunity to play the sports we provide at Queen’s.  The QCF’s purpose is to increase that opportunity.

The official charity of The Queen’s Club

In 2019 The Queen’s Club Foundation (or the “QCF” as it is now commonly referred to), was named as the official charity of The Queen’s Club. Established in 1886, The Queen’s Club was the first multipurpose sports complex ever to be built, anywhere in the world. It was named after Queen Victoria, its first patron, and is now widely renowned as one of the premier Tennis and Racquets clubs in the world.