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Penzance Inclusive Tennis Programme

In November the Foundation Manager, Jessica Oldham, visited the Penznce Tennis Club. Earlier this year the Foundation gave the Tennis Club a grant to help launch Inclusive Tennis into their programme. The sessions aims to help people with a physical disability or learning difficulty who have previously been excluded from participating in tennis in the past.

The programme has provided people with disabilities the opportunity to come somewhere new and socialise with different people. It has also raised the profile of people with disabilities within the local community. This has led to more interaction between tennis club members and people with disabilities who would not have met before.

With the funding from the Foundation the Tennis Club has been able to offer a subsided rate for its members. This has meant that more participants could afford to participate regularly in these sessions. Additionally, it has allowed for a local school for disabled children to bring 12 participants along to this group reguarly during the Autumn term. One of the participants intends to play in the Special Olympics in Liverpool in 2020.

The players have really enjoyed the sessions. One player commented; “it’s brilliant. I like getting used to it. I like the people that do it. I want to play more. I want  more people to come and play.”

The Club’s wish is that they can make the project self-funding through participants’ contribution without having to raise the price. The Club’s next ambition is, with the help of the Foundation, to expand their Community Outreach Project. Their aim is for every child in Penwith to have the opportunity to play tennis every year at school.