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Primary School Squash and Real Tennis Lessons

Since 2017 the Queen’s Club Foundation has provided Real Tennis and Squash lessons to two local primary schools, Sir John Lillie and Normand Croft. The children attend The Queen’s Club once a week and have the opportunity to experience both sports across the term.

In their lessons the focus is on enjoyment and giving the children lots of opportunities to experience having a racket in their hand hitting a ball.

The sessions are run by The Queen’s Club coaches who have enjoyed the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn that the children have brought to each lesson. Squash Coach Robbie said the sessions are “the highlight of his week and adds a real sense of enjoyment to his day.”

The children have been showing a real enthusiasm for the sports, with some spending their evenings watching Real Tennis matches on YouTube, while others have bought a squash racket so they can practice against the wall at home.

The Head of Sir John Lillie stressed what a privilege it was for the children to attend The Queen’s Club. “This opportunity has given our children the awareness and experience of two new sports that most have never had the opportunity to try”. However, equally significant has been the impact the sessions have had on increasing the children’s self-confidence. One of the teachers highlighted that “it has been wonderful to see the children become more comfortable in their surroundings, and confident in their ability.”

The Queen’s Club Foundation looks forward to continuing a prosperous relationship moving forward with the schools, and is excited to support more children to play Real Tennis and Squash in the future.