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QCF Tennis Grantees

The summer holidays usually represent an opportunity for young people to unwind and relax after a long and arduous year. However, for our QCF tennis grantees the summer represents a brilliant opportunity to focus on their ambitions and goals.

11-year-old Julia-Janelle has been especially active over the summer taking part in a total of 8 tournaments, 4 of which she came away as the winner. Her list of tournaments included a first opportunity to compete abroad, playing in a clay court tournament in Poland. Her father John has been extremely impressed with the progress Julia has made over the last few months, and is extremely pleased this has been recognised by her club who have invited her to join their performance squad training.

Newly awarded grantee Lauryn John-Baptiste was recently given a wildcard to play in the UK Pro League. After a hard week on court QCF were extremely proud of Lauryn’s performances, winning 3 matches and losing 2, eventually finishing 7th overall. Having graduated from University in America Lauryn was delighted to have the opportunity to play in a competitive tournament once again. In September Lauryn is hopeful of having the opportunity to play tournaments in both Tunisia and Egypt.

Highly rated British U18 tennis player Ranah Akua Stoiber has had an extremely busy summer playing in tournaments across Europe. This summer represented a huge moment in Ranah’s development as her 5 weeks spent away from home was the longest period she had been away. The highlight of Ranah’s summer was reaching the semi-finals of the J1 PANCEVO ITF tournament in Serbia. Ranah is now very much looking forward to some time at home to rest and recover before beginning her busy winter schedule.

Lastly, is Phoenix Weir and Kyle Hughes who for the majority of the summer have stayed and trained in Portugal with their coach Alastair, who is also Phoenix’s father.  While away they have played three ITF tournaments both on clay and hard court.  The first two tournaments were great practice on clay and Alastair felt it provided valuable learning experience for both boys.  This foresight came true in the following tournament in Porto where Phoenix reached the semi-finals in the singles, while the two of them were successful in winning the doubles. The two boys are currently competing in Cyprus before returning to the UK.

The Queen’s Club Foundation is incredibly proud of the effort and dedication that all of our grantees have shown over the summer months. At a time when many people are enjoying the summer months with their friends, the QCF grantees have committed themselves to working hard in order to achieve their goals. We wish them all the best of luck for their winter training and tournaments.