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How do I play?

Rackets is probably the fastest ball sport you have never watched. Imagine squash, but on a court roughly two and a half times the size and played with something similar to golf ball, which can travel at speeds of up to 180mph.

The game is played as either a singles or doubles match in an enclosed court. The players must return the ball either before it reaches the ground or on its first bound so that it strikes the front wall above the play line and returns into the court and continue to do so alternately until one player fails to make a valid return and loses the stroke. A player can only score points while serving – 15 points being needed to win a game.

The benefits of rackets

  • It will help improve your reaction speeds and build muscle in your upper body. The fast paced nature of the game means you will burn hundreds of calories.
  • This is a mentally demanding sport as it requires – given high-speed deflections off up to four walls – instant computation of angles.

Where can I play?

  • 14 schools play rackets and employ full-time professionals to coach the sport. There is a full programme of school fixtures and the National Schools Singles & Doubles Championships held at the Queen’s Club in London.
  • There are private members clubs, such as the Queens Club, who offer a racket’s membership package.