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The Queen’s Club Foundation Launch

The Queen’s Club is proud to launch the Queen’s Club Foundation, a charitable foundation initiated, set up and led by the Members and the Club. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide grants which will both widen participation in the four racquet sports played at Queens; lawn tennis, squash, real tennis and rackets and help young talented players to reach their full potential.

The Queens Club was established in 1886 and has a long history of great racquet sporting activity. Now, with the formation of this charity, the Club and Members will be able to assist those for whom some financial support will make the difference. We are looking to help in three specific areas:

Supporting Young Talented Players

The Queen’s Club and our Members can be part of the future of so many children and young people by supporting them financially through their journey to fulfilling their dreams, and help them to reach their full potential.

Community Support

At our Club we enjoy world class facilities, the staging of the Aegon and (last year) the Davis Cup which were fantastic events and we also host the National Championships in Real Tennis and Rackets. Our Club sits in the local community of Hammersmith and Fulham and although we have in the past supported the local borough, this charity will allow us to broaden our support and provide more opportunities for children and young people from our neighbourhood to play the racquet sports. To this end we are already working with the Fulham & Hammersmith Council to identify initiatives and programmes within the community that we can help fund.

Widening Participation

The Queen’s Foundation will also help support many of the groups of dedicated volunteers, organisations, and charities which provide amazing sporting opportunities across the country in our racquet sports. We particularly want to reach out to disadvantaged groups where the support we can offer will make a significant impact.

Members’ Support

We do hope that The Queen’s Club Foundation will become something which Members will be proud of as we advance participation in racquet sports in the local community and across the country.

The Queen’s Club Board have gifted some of the revenue from the Davis Cup Quarter Final held last July to start the Queen’s Club Foundation, for which we are most grateful. The Foundation will grow and succeed with the support and assistance of our Members and from people outside our Club who wish to support the aims and objectives of the Foundation. We invite Members to offer ideas for fundraising events, to participate in fundraising, or to make a financial donation.

How to apply for funding?

We want to hear from sports organisations, individuals, charities, diversity /disability groups who are looking for funding to help them deliver sporting activities to children, young people and adults who want to participate in the four racquet sports. Our website, which will be fully operational shortly, will set out how to apply for support.

Our Trustees

The first trustees to serve on The Queen’s Club Foundation are Amanda Sater, Susie Aird and Deane Pennick. Jessica Randall in the Club’s Administration Department will be the main contact for all queries and Tony Dhanoa has taken on the role of Treasurer.