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Women’s Squash Week 2021

Sunday 19 September to Sunday 26 September is Women’s Squash Week. This week is a chance to celebrate and promote women’s squash and highlight some of the fantastic work that is being done by women in squash.

QCF individual player grantee Ali Loke, whose personal achievements you can read about by clicking here, is launching her QCF funded women’s only squash lessons this Thursday at Swavesey Squash Club. In total so far 35 women have signed up for this group course which will run weekly, with the women hopefully progressing to join the box leagues or the regular club night as fully fledged club members.

Maddie: team player

“I love having something to go to that is a passion, competitive, and great for my health. The squash club is a place to make new friends, meet like-minded people, and have a community spirit of pulling together as a team and supporting each other. I love being able to counter doing a sedentary office job in the day with explosive energy in the evening; playing squash makes me feel so much more confident and positive in general.”

A lot of the women who have signed up are looking for a fun way to keep or get fit, to meet other people to play with (and particularly other women of their own level), and just to start a new hobby. The competitive side of things is not the primary motivation, and a lot of them are more interested in learning the correct technique and being social, rather than winning.

Having a group of women together who are all of a similar level and experience allows for everyone to feel comfortable in their environment and encourages great levels of participation.

Esther: newcomer 

“I play squash as it’s a really fun way to get fit and meet new people. Personally, I love the fact I have to use my head and think tactically about each shot and my opponent. It’s game that stimulates me both physically and mentally in a fun, sociable environment.”

QCF wish Swavesey Squash Club, Ali Loke, and all the women involved the project the best of luck in their new adventure. It promises to be a fantastic project and could make a big positive impact on the lives of the people involved.