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Women & Girls


We recognise the importance of inspiring the next generation of female tennis players and we strive both in our coaching within the community club and also in the culture of our organisation to promote and support aspiring women and girls. 

The QCF has linked to an Amazon Prime LTA Youth Girls campaign to get more girls playing tennis across the country.  Both our Head of Foundation, Kate Maurici, and our lead community coach, Laura Slater, have been accepted onto this prestigious programme for coaches leading the promotion of tennis to girls



Emma Raducanu visits our Leaders’ session

In November, our community club coaches Kate Maurici and Laura Slater led a session for 16 girls from the Sacred Heart High School in Hammersmith at the National Tennis Centre.  This was part of their training to become LTA Youth Tennis Leaders, inspiring the next generation of female players. 

While they were on court they were surprised by a visit from Grand Slam winner Emma Raducanu.  Emma came onto court and joined in with the session.  She then sat with the girls and chatted to them about what inspired her to play tennis, how hard she trained and how important she also thought school was at that age.  She then took lots of selfies and BeReals with the girls which they loved.  

The QCF was delighted to be invited to bring this group of girls to the NTC and will be following their progress in the world of tennis throughout 2023.

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